Places of Worship

Caring for places of worship is at the heart of what we do.

Over the years, we have established a legacy and conservation philosophy, combing detailed knowledge and in-depth understanding of liturgical reordering in pursuit of creative ways to repair, adapt and breathe new life into churches and cathedrals.

We are fully committed to providing high-quality design in all new public buildings and places of worship. Good design in the public sector enhances the environment and the community, revitalises cities and neighbourhoods, results in buildings that work well and retain a human dimension, and makes the delivery of services easier and more efficient. Design also reflects the ambitions and spirit of the people behind it.

In addition to places of worship we are involved with several public buildings covering a wide range of different functions and services, such as civic buildings and community centres.

Today we actively seek opportunities to extend this knowledge across all faiths, helping ensure a sustainable future for places of worship and the communities they serve.

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